One tip to improve your businesses cyber security you can do right now, for free

Running a business is hard. Every day we hear about companies being hacked and their data being held hostage or stolen. We at Wilson Lake have implemented this one simple trick to help with your cyber security.

It is a little known secret, but if you are a Google Chrome user, you can assign a profile to your browser. Wherever you are, when you log into that profile it brings with it bookmarks and passwords. Pretty great, but how does that help?

At Wilson Lake, we have created a separate Chrome profile that is used exclusively for business purposes. That means, only bookmarks for business, and only business passwords. What is great is that right now, I have my personal browser open, and where I do my normal browsing. While also working within my work browser.

How does this help for cyber security? The answer is compartmentalization. If I am going to get hacked through a browser, it is more likely to be through my personal one. This will reduce risk by separating those websites which may conceal browser based attacks. It will not protect you from attacks such as malware, or other infections which sit on the device itself. This strategy is like anything else, it reduces risk. You can never eliminate it.

Don’t have a google email for your business.

Create one, I have a client where we created one, something simple like (not a real email), or Use that to create a profile through the chrome browser.

Here is a video where they show you how to do this.

A few other benefits, are the ability to have a centralized calendar for the team, or use of Google Drive.

Best of luck.

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