24 Interview with Devon Scott of Blue Fission

24 Interview with Devon Scott of Blue Fission
Small Business Owners Revolution

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Live with Devon Scott of Blue Fission

Devon started Blue Fission in 1998 as a part of a high school project and it has continued to evolve since that time eventually becoming an app and process development firm guiding entrepreneurs through through the process of making their programs and application dreams a reality.

Here are some key takeaways:
– If your clients don’t have capital available it is possible to use a benchmark based, return on investment based pricing strategy.
– It is acceptable to have a long process to properly vet clients.
– Process Development takes time, and is generally developed through lessons learned. Don’t be afraid to build a process, then plan to amend it.
– Failure is a learning opportunity. Often that failure comes from skipping steps.
– When approaching a hard conversation with a client, remember to just get it done, and try to walk them into the tough conclusion themselves.

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