Xp Biz 15 Communication

Xp Biz 15 Communication
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Communication. How much do you understand it?

Communication, understanding how it works, and how to best communicate your message can be key. When it comes to communication. What you may not know could be affecting your message.

We break it down for you. Into 3 easy parts, sender, medium, and receiver.

How it works
– Sender pushes a message through a medium and is received. 
– The Medium may create noise around the message and alter it. Think of talking in a crowded place and how it affects your message.
– The receiver takes the message, and interprets it. That interpretation is affected by the medium, and their personal biases, negatively or positively.

How to improve
– Make an effort to understand your receiver
– Make an effort to understand the medium, its strengths and limitations
– Make a deliberate effort to listen, with an open mind and empathy
– Know the power of nonverbal communication
– Be clear and concise, tailor your message to your medium and receiver
– Be confident and friendly

Be deliberate about your messaging and how your message is communicated


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