Xp Biz 18 Email Communication

Xp Biz 18 Email Communication
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Email communication. Be more thoughtful.

Emails are now accepted by all ages as a standard method of communication. It still feels a bit like sending a letter, so it is less valuable for conversation. But it can be a powerful way of reaching people without being hindered by algorithms.

Why they have limits
– Attention is still something difficult to fight over
– People know how to filter
– Junk mail is accepted and understood
– Can be cumbersome when compared with other communication methods
– Hindered by lack of nonverbal cues, and reader bias
Why can be powerful
– Is outside the range of Social/web algorithms
– Can put a message directly into someone’s pocket
– More powerful than social media for customer acquisition
– Infinitely reproducible
– Can be customized and personalized
– Activity can be monitored
– As accessible as text or chat
– Maintains a written record
How to improve
– Be clear and state purpose up front
– Focus on one item per email
– Don’t make bulky paragraphs
– Be friendly and uncharacteristically warm
– Don’t have serious conversations via email
– Say what you need, and when, use bullet points

Email is still relevant, don’t underestimate its importance


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