Xp Biz 20 Face to Face communication

Xp Biz 20 Face to Face communication
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Face to face communication isn’t as basic as you think.

Last section on communication. We are going to talk about face to face communication. Why it is the most powerful but has the lowest reach of all methods.

Face to face is the most effective means of communication, but it has its limitations. The biggest being in general you can only talk face to face with one person at a time.

Why it is powerful
– All means of communication are available verbal, nonverbal
– It builds trust and credibility
– Allows for more effective reading and interpretation of receiver’s response to messages
– Most effective method of dealing with sensitive issues

– Difficult to repeat in normal terms
– How to improve
– Remember your body language, posture, hands, face, eyes
– Maintain eye contact
– Speak slowly and more carefully
– Manage your volume and intonation
– Listen deliberately

Remember the power of face to face, actively try to improve, but don’t forget its limits.


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