25 Tactical tips to boost Facebook Engagement

25 Tactical tips to boost Facebook Engagement
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Understand Facebook Algorithm can help you boost engagement.

Here are tactical tips to boost Facebook engagement.

Remember that the Facebook algorithm is people communicating with Facebook about a post. If it invites engagement the post will be naturally boosted, if not it will die.

To boost engagement on a live:

1. Ask questions.
2. Encourage one word engagement simple and easy, but has a positive result
3. Encourage engagement on the replay to keep the post fresh

My ask, if you find the content in this community to be informative, but you don’t get all of the info on it.

Click the “Notifications” button below the SBOR banner.
Select “All Posts”

Engage with the posts you like, ignore the ones you don’t. When you have too much of it, switch back to “Highlights” and you will still get all the good stuff.


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