Xp Biz 31 – The Human Platform

Xp Biz 31 – The Human Platform
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The Human Platform.

No this isn’t a Sci-if course.

Human interaction is a marketing platform, I would consider it to be one of the most powerful. Also the one with the lowest reach, as we discussed in the communications sections. This is how you interact and market your brand when engaging directly with other people.

– Think about what you would say the moment someone, who you just met asks you “What do you do?” Do you know what you would say? Is this time to pitch? How can you approach this in a way that could convert this person into a client or evangelist for your brand?
Detailed explanation

Why it is good
– Human platform interaction powerfully presents you as an accessible person, as the face of your brand in front of someone, you can learn about them, and communicate effectively with them about your brand, or yourself and build a meaningful relationship.
– You have the ability to learn about their needs through a conversation.
– The surroundings can help you to better understand how they may fit within your network, either peer, lead or resource. The face to face time can translate into a more lasting relationship.

Why it is bad
– People are people pleasers, and can lead you into thinking that the conversation was more valuable than it was. Either wasting time or creating false expectations.
– You can only have one meaningful conversation at a time.
– Your full presentation matters. Do you look unprofessional? Do you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about? Are distracted by your environment?

How you can succeed
– Bring them into your relationship funnel. Ensure that you have a way to connect and maintain that relationship after you have parted ways.
– Focus on building the relationship first, and if they are your Client Avatar, and qualified then you begin to convert. But relationship first.
– Think about how they can fit into your 3 strategic networking categories. And don’t sell them if they only make sense as a personal/friend relationship. In that case, you may build out an evangelist. But don’t always sell.
– Be prepared with knowing what to say, how to say it and when it is appropriate to move into the pitch. But coming off as unprepared or downplaying your brand can be damaging.
– Be prepared to politely part ways with a clear path for the next steps. Will we connect later? How? Actually follow through with that.

Depending on your business human interaction may be more or less valuable. Don’t underestimate the power that it has. Many businesses are based upon this type of interaction. It is effective, but cumbersome. Make sure when you do utilize it that you leverage the full benefits it offers though. Whether it is at the gym, a cocktail party or Chamber of Commerce meeting, be ready. And keep the relationship first.


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