Xp Biz 33 Location Platform

Xp Biz 33 Location Platform
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Your location as a marketing platform. Your own personal physical ecosystem.

We have touched on it in the past, but your location is a part of your marketing strategy. When we talked about your Brick and Mortar location as your Real Estate, we hit on the importance of location as a form of marketing.

Five Guys burgers originally opened in a back area near some industrial sites. Nothing special, but they centered themselves around working class individuals who loved their product. This strategy wouldn’t work for Gucci.

Why it is good
– Having a B&M location automatically presents a higher position of quality and legitimacy for your business. People may not go to you, but they like to know you are a real business.
– You have the opportunity to set the rules within your location based ecosystem.
– Control, distractors, sounds, 5 senses, and conversation

Why it is bad
– Higher cost, payroll expenses, rent, utilities
– A poor experience or presentation can put someone off of your brand
– Limited reach of your location

How you can succeed
– Tie your location into your overall marketing ecosystem, How do you continue the conversation after they have left your location
– Ensure that the entire location based experience is in line with your branding
– Make deliberate efforts to guide your customer/client through the experience you want them to have
– Experiment, and never stop learning

Location based ecosystem is a physical place for you to control the complete experience. Be deliberate, and consider everything from the customer/client perspective. Never stop trying new things and experimenting.


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