XP Biz 21 Marketing Real Estate

XP Biz 21 Marketing Real Estate
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Starting off a new chapter/module. We are going to talk about your marketing Real Estate.

Whether it be virtual or physical you need to have a piece of real estate you control to bring customers into. It is where you still communicate and display your value. As well as do business.

We have identified real estate as those areas which you control, either physical or virtual, there are benefits. And limitations to each understanding how they fit into your overall strategy is important.

We have broken the virtual from the physical world because the dynamic is different, the senses you have available to engage and the amount of control you have over the experience is different.

In the physical world you can control every aspect of the experience, to include smell. You bring someone into a store, you can put on music to establish a specific mood. Your ability for yourself or your staff to react immediately to a customers’ mood is available.

In the virtual world you are limited by the device they view your site through, the distractions they have, and the inability to react based upon how they behave. The benefit is how many people can operate with your site at one time.


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