Xp Biz 34 Media Platform

Xp Biz 34 Media Platform
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Media platform. An oldie but still goodie.

Media, is a larger more mature platform, similar to print this has been around for 50-100 years. We have included television, and radio within this platform. And any of their associated channels.

Why it is good
– Reaches a wide audience, or a narrow audience depending upon media outlet
– Established platform with higher barrier to entry creates an automatic air of professionalism around your brand, product or service
– This is an established market that has often become an understood part of people’s lives. Listening to the radio on the ride to work, and watching TV at the end of the day.

Why it is bad
– Higher cost
– Challenging process, which may require an expert to simply purchase media space.
– Harder to analyze ROI
– Cable providers offer DVR to skip commercials. Channels like Netflix and Hulu provide stronger competition from ad based media platforms

How you can succeed
– Think long term, this isn’t an immediate ROI strategy. This is how you build a long term established presence
– Have a powerful call to action that brings people into your other platforms and continues the conversation
– Generate ads in line with your brand strategy, and think long term
– Don’t discount the value of getting your products or services in front of media/news outlets by doing things to get their attention. Free advertising.

Mainstream media platforms are rarely discussed, but depending on your product or service, they may be a powerful way to reach a large audience. 


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