Xp Biz 30 Mobile Platform

Xp Biz 30 Mobile Platform
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The mobile device as a marketing platform, a mobile platform in everyone’s pocket.

Originally mobile marketing, was a no go zone for advertising. Facebook itself purposely withheld advertising on their mobile platform for a time. The mobile space depending on which type of phone you have may affect your experience, the level of tracking, and the integration with applications.
None of which really affects the fact that a person can be on a virtual platform while also being in a physical space, interacting with both.

Google Maps and Waze both provide advertisements on their platforms for restaurants and stores while you are nearby. Waze will actually ask about experiences or thoughts about certain Brick and Mortar locations.

Why it is good
– For a consumer it allows for an interactive experience where the brand can position the best deals in front of them. If interacting with a single brand.
It creates additional competitiveness for a brand, as the consumer can quickly price check other brands.
– It increases retention as the brand has the option of building a more robust relationship with consumers. Think the Starbucks app. Or text based marketing. Those customers can be anywhere and still interacting with the brand.
– The brand can gather larger amounts of data on their users, through mobile apps, or other methods to learn about customer behaviors in location and with their other platforms. Such as Social Media where you could position the best offers in front of your most engaged customers.

Why it is bad
– Apps can be pricey to develop, and the expected standard of quality is high.
– There is a very high amount of privacy intrusion.
– These systems require higher amounts of technical expertise.
– Paid advertising comes at a cost, but that is nothing new.
– Mobile usage, which accounts for 80% of Google searches requires mobile optimization of a website.

How you can succeed
– Put your brand on mobile directories such as Google My Business and Bing for Business
– SMS/Text based marketing is powerful, people engage with text messages more than email.
– As with anything else, be personable.
– In your physical location or with your physical product, leverage QR codes, entice people to engage with them, with offers.
– Use a mobile app to control the customer experience, use with a focus on improving the customers experience with your brand
– Encourage engagement on social with your brand and products
– Leverage analytics for app use.
– Apps, and the mobile platform are a powerful method of building upon your multi-channel marketing strategy

Remember that mobile is a small computer that everyone checks over 100 times per day that people carry with them all the time. Don’t underestimate the power that that kind of attention can bring to your brand, even if you only capture 1 of those times, that is 1% more attention than you previously had.


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