XP Biz 26 Platforms

XP Biz 26 Platforms
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What are marketing platforms? An introduction to the idea of an ecosystem.

We define a platform as an ecosystem in which you interact with. Whether it be a virtual ecosystem, or a physical one. There are rules, advantages, disadvantages and a multitude of considerations within that ecosystem. We have kept our details related to each ecosystem high level, because if you can understand what an ecosystem is, you will be better positioned to understand how you could approach it.

When we look at ecosystems, we are considering virtual and physical. The virtual ecosystem and the Real world are almost like two planets, layered on top of one another. There is crossover, but they are also separate. By viewing them this way you will be better able to conceptualize how to interact within each ecosystem and their interconnectivity.

Detailed explanation
– Imagine a mountainous environment. It is cold, rocky and has some sparse vegetation. You will need to have climbing equipment. You may see mountain goats, and some birds up here. Some warm clothes and the right pair of boots. Now in this environment it is harder to move around, but as the snow melts it flows down into the forest below. If you followed the river running out of the mountain you would end up in the woods. Where you would not need your climbing gear, but a good pair of boots and warm clothes would still be necessary. You would interact with bears, some birds, and maybe some squirrels.
– The reason I’m making this weird explanation, is to show that each ecosystem is interconnected, but the tools you need, and the players you may interact with would be different.
– Within the virtual realm, SEO is a means of connecting social, with web and search. Mobile is how it crosses over. How a storefront brings digital coupons, in store offers and your online profile into the physical store to improve your experience within the physical space. Think about standing in a store and looking up deals, or how I use the Home Depot app to search for things, price match then find them on the shelf. That is the merger of virtual with physical ecosystems.

Wrap up

As we enter the platforms, think of them like ecosystems, how they are separate and distinct. But also how they are interconnected. Understanding them as distinct, but also related will help you to be successful.


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