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Xp Biz 32 Print Platform
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Print isn’t dead. It is just different. Because it is the same. Everyone else just thinks it’s different.

Print Platform of marketing is the physically distributed material. This could be flyers, cards, or magazine advertising. Think anything with your logo or brand message, physically printed on it. For lack of a better word. This is an old, form of marketing but still has a lot of value, the giants, aren’t still printing because that is all they know how to do, but because it still has value.

I’ll give two examples, the first being a new Bakery opens in the local area. And as the owner you put flyers on every door for all the residences in the local area to build awareness. With a coupon on it.
The second is your new bakery leverages the local newspaper or community magazine to put in an advertisement and an article where you introduce your shop and talk about your offerings.

Why it is good
– Print is tangible. If you scroll past an ad on facebook, it is essentially gone. But an appetizing flyer with a coupon, may end up on the side of a refrigerator, which is seen by every member of the family every time they are at the refrigerator. That crosses the 7x exposure really quickly.
– There is massive credibility in print. It says you invest in your business, and it shows that you are large enough to cross that barrier, especially with magazines, or local papers
– Magazines are read by varying sized audiences, some are more broad, but others are very niche. As a result you can accurately target your target market in a highly professional way.
– Print has a higher engagement rating compared with a blog or social media post. The average magazine reader spends 43 minutes with the publication. And if your ad is beside an article that someone is reading that means your brand is in front of someone for the time it takes them to read that page. Or if they read an article about your brand, that is time spent with someone learning about your brand in a publication they respect.
– People are moving away from print, but that means there is less competition.
– Magazines focus on building their audience, as a result you have a group of specially targeted individuals who opted in to be exposed to this printed content.

Why it is bad
– Print is more expensive. It is. It is a mature advertising platform, with an established set of rules and norms.
– Your market may not be on print. But if they are, you have a group that pays to receive that printed material, and may be more willing to pay for your product or service.
– You don’t know your ROI generally

How you can succeed
– Create high quality content, your design does matter. Just don’t wing it
– Unless you are an asian food restaurant
– Visual content with high quality images are powerful
– Make your piece timely, Encourage immediate action, to better learn the ROI of your ad, and to bring them into your platform.
– Some ads are about exposing people to the brand. That is for really big players though.
– Leverage the power of targeting, either local markets or niche markets. Don’t just spray and pray. A Highly engaged 500 reader base may be worth more than 1M readers.
– Integrate your print marketing into your marketing/brand ecosystem. Social, web and other engagement, with physical can be quite powerful.

Print isn’t dead, don’t discount its power. It can be highly targeted, and the barrier to entry of cost means you aren’t competing as much with other players for attention.


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