Xp Biz 29 Search Engine Platform

Xp Biz 29 Search Engine Platform
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Search engine as a web platform.

Search has been separately broken out, because each search engine has its own rules, but really just to highlight how it is distinct from the internet, people don’t always understand that. Google, is the 900 lb gorilla in the room, but they don’t control the internet. Really just the main portal which people use to interact with it, but there is a distinction.

Detailed explanation
– Search engines send out web crawlers to find content and organize it. This means everything is subject first to the web crawlers who can only find content that is connected to known content. Then it subject to the algorithm used to that organize content.
– Remember that the billboard example from the Web section. That is important considering how search engines discover and categorize content. They have specific criteria for how content is populated by each specific engine. Some of which are based upon the specific search engine provider’s business interests, Google, youtube as an example. But they recognize that they have to have a reasonably lack of bias as well, this means that the best content does rise to the top.
– What determines the best content? Relevance is key, you can’t expect a marketing blog to pop up when searching for a good mechanic.
– Actual user interaction is also important. A webpage that has thousands of regular visitors will be ranked higher than one with only a few visitors. This is a circular problem, you don’t have visitors, because you aren’t in the search ranking and you can’t improve your ranking until you have more visitors.
Yes that is true, that is why a long term strategy, and consistency are key. It takes time.
– Search engines are deeply connected, track your activity, and use that information to put paid ads in front of you. Paid advertisement can be a methodology of boosting your position, this is how you manage the lack of visitors, by putting your ads on the front page. Additionally, search engines like Google have partnerships with websites to place banner ads throughout their websites. These ads appear with paid content in a similar manner as search ads. These ads are targeted in the same way as other paid ads.

Search engines are the portal for most users into the internet. Understanding how they cultivate content, organize it and how you can better position your content is key. You can accelerate this process through paid ads, but it is possible to be successful with a consistent, long term strategy with high quality relevant content. The key is it is long term, not two weeks, we mean months, if not longer.

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