Xp Biz 22 Social Media Real Estate

Xp Biz 22 Social Media Real Estate
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Your Social Media Real Estate.

Social media is pretty self explanatory in principle, these are the platforms where you set up a profile and operate within their ecosystem. Through whichever device you choose. The big ones are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn is focused on professionals. Pinterest is about content discovery. Snapchat is about messaging and interaction, with a large youth following. There are a few others Google+ being one of them.

Social media is important to have a presence in, because initial access is free. But also because that is where people and potential customers are gathered already. It can be a very powerful method of connecting with customers and positioning yourself in front of customers.

It is important to understand that nothing you post, on any social media platform is your own, and you are subject to the rules of each ecosystem. We will talk more on that later, but it is important to understand that you don’t have full control over what happens within these platforms.

When establishing your social media presence it is also important to consider some factors, the first being that each platform has been designed to keep you in it. There will always be just one more thing to look at, I recognize this isn’t new to you, but that will be important in a minute.

When you determine where it is most important to focus your energy, we recommend only one or two platforms to focus on, those should be where you focus your activity, and content. The determining factor for where to focus your time and energy is who your Client Avatar is, and where they will be.
Our goal is not to make you an expert in any of these, simply to expose you to them, to help you make a better decision.

The Platforms
– Facebook – When it comes to Social Media, Facebook is the giant. It has multiple methods of interacting personally and professionally. There are business pages, personal pages, group pages as the 3 main avenues. Each one has its costs and benefits. They have a robust and powerful ads platform that allows for some laser focused targeting. In one capacity or another just about everyone is on here. It is how they interact with the platform that matters. Facebook’s goal is building community, so professional activity doesn’t always take place here. That is important to understand when you are looking for busy business professionals.
– Instagram – This is all about sharing visual content. Images and video. If you have content that is visually appealing this is an important platform to be on. Interactions are largely casual, and discovery can be made through searches, some can be quite effective, targeting people and content based upon geography.
– Twitter – Twitter is about conversation, people are capable of talking with everyone through this platform. People from all walks of life interact regularly on this platform. As it is focused on conversation, there is a fair amount of conversation, about how it has largely become a one way conversation. While others have found it to be a very relevant network. It is like anything else, if you utilize the platform appropriately you can find a great deal of benefit on it.
– LinkedIn – This is the platform for professionals. People use it to find jobs, and to find people to hire. It can also be quite powerful for targeting with laser focus specific individuals who you want to communicate with. This can be a very powerful platform for individuals who are B2B types. If you are looking to sell a consumer good, this isn’t where your average customer will be hanging out and engaging. There are professional groups there, but again it is about how you engage and building a meaningful professional network.
– Snapchat – If you are about to scoff, don’t. If your Client Avatar is under 34 and looking for a more candid method of engaging with your audience Snapchat is perfect. Its users do regularly buy, and they also engage with the brands that are on there, which is important for building relationships with your customers.
– Pinterest is also not to be ignored. This is how great content is discovered and if you have ever tried it out you will know how addictive it is. Visually appealing content is perfect for the platform. And the boards can be curated powerfully to assist in SEO. If you are in the product business it should not be disregarded. But for the purposes of a service based business, this can be a great platform to spend a couple hours on once, then revisit quarterly to attach relevant content to your brand for SEO purposes.
– Google+ – It is still around. And there are dedicated users. We recommend not ignoring the platform, if you can automate content generation onto the platform that is a great way to go about it. It really is about keeping Google happy for the purposes of SEO. Which we will get into later.

You will find that each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. But regardless of which platform you choose, remember that you are subject to the rules of the companies running them.


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