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Xp Biz 28 Web platform
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The platform of platforms. The internet, the basis for your web platform.

When we say web platform, we mean the internet. This is what amounts to the largest virtual ecosystem. Essentially the foundation of the entire virtual world. But at its fundamental level it is a “web” of computers linked together. All search engines are trying to do is to organize the content throughout the internet to be available for a user when they want it.

With that in mind, each search engine leverages an algorithm to crawl through these computers cultivating content in order to ensure that when someone searches for something the best possible content is presented in front of them. We use portals into this web like Google to bring that content to us, and as a result of Google being the giant, and us trying to get our content to be the content of choice when someone is searching for our content, we need to consider how these platforms cultivate this content.

It doesn’t change the fact that as soon as you post your content, or go live with your website, it is immediately available to anyone anywhere in the world who has access. That, is incredible.

Why it is good
– Accessibility, instantaneously
– It is cheap
– 24/7

Why it is bad
– It is complex, compared with opening a storefront, which is a style of business thousands of years old, an internet presence, or full internet based business is only about 30 years old
– The competitive landscape of internet businesses is incredible. Although it may be easy to get in, that means it is easy for everyone.
– The internet could be considered quite impersonal. Lack of human interaction can be hard for both customers and businesses.
– There can be a lack of security, being available to everyone all over the world, means there are a lot more eyes on your business. Not all of whom are good eyes to have on your business
– Your reputation will be partially dependent upon your web presence, or wholly dependent. It takes a lot to manage it, and rapid accessibility of information means that one blunder could rapidly reach well beyond your control

How you can succeed
– Build a website with your client avatar in mind.
– Claim listings. There are a lot more listing pages than you know about, unless that is your specialty. Claim those or build those listings, this helps further your anchor your site, and helps you control how your brand is discovered and viewed by people who are searching for products and services like your own.
– Remember SEO, the easy way to conceptualize SEO is think of your website like a billboard in the ocean.
– There it is on a lonely little island.
– You need to start connecting it to the mainland. You throw out a bunch of inbound and outbound links to relevant content, words, and sites you want to be associated with. These are paths for the search engine crawlers to travel to start building that connection between the search terms you want associated with your business and your business page.
– It takes time. So, be consistent and deliberate.
– Content is an organic growth method, this is a cash free, time heavy strategy to bring people to your site through content they find valuable and want to engage with. This could be humorous, entertaining or educational. Blogs, Vlogs or other methods are all relevant.
– Paid advertising is an obviously paid methodology of positioning your brand in front of people, you have greater control over how search engines view your content, because you tell them how you want it viewed, and pay them to put it there. That is for Search engines. For those of you who used the internet 10 years ago, you may remember banner ads being a primary form of advertising on the internet. Although it isn’t often talked about, they never went away. If you know of a specific site, where your client avatar regularly visits and engages with content, it may be worth purchasing ad space there. You can go through sites, that blast it everywhere but then you are at the mercy of their methodology and it may be less efficient.
– Leverage the power of analytics, Google analytics, and other sites can be powerful sources of information that are not available in the physical world. These allow you to learn about who engages with your content and how. Imagine knowing in your brick and mortar store, knowing who walks in, the path they take, what they look at, what they walk past and exactly how long they look at whatever it may be. And even more powerful, if they walk out without buying something, you could reach back out to them and invite them back in. This is possible with virtual analytics.

Wrap up
The internet is not going away, it is the foundation of the virtual world. Understand it, how your website functions within it and how you can improve your presence there. Failing to have an online presence, can be detrimental to your brand. Familiarize yourself with it and make an effort, it is becoming a fundamental check in the box for modern businesses.


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