XP Biz 23 Virtual Real Estate Website

XP Biz 23 Virtual Real Estate Website
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Today on virtual real estate is your website.

Consider your website to be your virtual office. This is the hub of everything. This is where you point your customers back to. This is how you communicate virtually to your potential customers and interact with your current customers.

Detailed explanation
– The simplified explanation of how to get a website is to find a host, buy a domain in line with your brand and get a website developed. There are basic cheap ways to do this, and there are more complex ways to do this.
– Your website can be as simple as a flyer or it can automate the majority of your customer interactions. There is a wide range of options.
– Your website is effective because unlike social media profiles, you are not limited to the rules of the platform you set it on. It is your website, you set the rules. This can be very powerful, or it can be worthless.
– Your website is most important because if tethered properly through proper SEO management, more on that later, your customers can find you organically through searches. Or they can be directed to your website from social media, where you can control the customer interaction.

How you can build the best one possible
– There are a lot of really great ideas, the simple one is that you need your website to meet your business needs. Keep that at the front of your mind. What am I trying to accomplish? Is my website doing this?
– Design about it from the user perspective
– Link everything you have back to your website, all your social profiles, all your activity, all back to your website. This process helps to improve SEO, and drives people to your website where you are in control.

Wrap up

I don’t have an exceptionally long explanation for the value of a website, and that is because it is like asking why you need a house to live in. It is a fundamental necessity. There are people who function without them. There are a lot more who can’t. In some way, you need a website. What you do with it, will be based upon your business need.


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