XP Biz 19 Written Communication

XP Biz 19 Written Communication
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Written communication. Why it is the least powerful but has the most reach.

Written communication, whether it be a letter, a flyer, email or the copy on your website are all powerful way to reproduce your message and spread it to a large audience. But it has limits.

Why it isn’t perfect
– It doesn’t carry tone of voice
– It doesn’t carry nonverbal
– It becomes a permanent record
– It can be time consuming to produce

Why it is effective
– The ability to be more careful in articulate with the message improves
– Can carry message over large distance rapidly
– Can be preserved

How to improve
– Write shorter, more concise sentences
– Avoid bulky paragraphs
– Scan for places where misunderstandings may occur
– Get organized and leverage numbering or bullet points
– Use a friendly tone
– Know when it is time to change the communication format
– Check grammar and punctuation, have someone else do it
– Think about your target reader

Written can be powerful because of its reach, but loses out on the nonverbals.



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