The Cloud

Why the cloud?

We are going to start off by acknowledging that fresh faced 20 somethings with microphones wrapped around their faces, standing on massive stages, in front of 60 foot presentation screens ruined this word.

The cloud is not some remote scary place. It is a computer in a secure facility where you can access your data from anywhere.

Benefits include:

  1. Collaboration – How do you currently share documents, are they printed and passed around, or are they emailed back and forth? The cloud allows everyone from their computers or their phones to access the same files from anywhere.
  2. Security – The service providers we have partnered with, have world class facilities to store your data. Where experts have planned for disasters such as power outage, flooding, and fire. It is more than just a hard drive in an office. All your data can be backed up on your own site, giving your data added levels of security.
  3. Go Paperless – Whatever your reason; the cost savings of printer paper and ink cartridges, decluttering the office, or a green initiative. The cloud reduces your reliance upon physical documentation.

We know that you will have concerns. Understand that we will do our best to support your concerns and help to educate you and your staff during the transition process. We believe that putting in that work in the beginning can pay dividends in the future.


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