Why Wilson Lake? Our core values.

Our Core Values

When Gym and yoga studio owners are looking for an accountant, we know it is a competitive space. That is why they ask the question. Why Wilson Lake?

We think it is an important question too. We aren’t the oldest, we aren’t the biggest, we aren’t the cheapest, or the most prestigious. So why us?

If you haven’t read our story, here it is.

Or how Adam’s time in the military shaped what kind of advisor he is, read about it here.

Our Mission: To grow our community.

When our gym and yoga clients are growing they are actively supporting the health of our community. If we are doing it right, we are doing this without adding to, but reducing the burden upon gym and studio owners time requirements within their business, allowing them the opportunity to get back to the things that matter most to them. 

Our Values:

  1. Community – We know that our fitness clients are actively supporting the health of our community. By aligning our goals with our clients we can help build our community together.
  2. Stewardship – A steward is charged to care for something, such as an organization or property. This sounds a lot like what a bookkeeper or accountant does. We are charged by our clients to care for their financial information. We manage it, develop it. Not only do we manage the information we convert it into actionable steps the business owner can take to grow their business.
  3. Creativity – Most of the time creativity isn’t a good word to associate with accountants and bookkeepers. That is how we end up in the news. When we stop perceiving ourselves in a transactional management role, but in a business advisor role. We need to be creative.
  4. Grit – Another word, not often associated with accountants and bookkeepers. But when there is a tough issue that needs to be resolved, grit is necessary. We combine grit with creativity to find an approach to help you overcome your business challenge. For us it isn’t about if we will solve your issue, it is how.
  5. Objectivity – The numbers don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole story either. Part of our job is to understand that story. Then communicate it with our clients. We understand that if we don’t do this objectively our clients don’t get the full picture. This means that we may give bad news. Knowing this won’t always our clients happy, sometimes with us. We do this, aware of the potential cost. We believe we are underserving our clients if we don’t.
  6. Curiosity – Our greatest asset is our knowledge. If we aren’t constantly developing that knowledge base. We are unable to provide the best service to our clients. Our goal is to stay curious and never stop learning. This is also why 10% of our revenue is allocated to continuing education.
  7. Humility – Acknowledging our faults, and humanity allows us to identify where we need to grow and improve. Knowing that there is always a better way. This helps us to understand and communicate better with our clients and build relationships within our community.


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