2010_05_07_679We are a young, growing firm. Currently we serve the construction industry, retail, startups and a special emphasis on veteran entrepreneurs.

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Our Partner is Adam Fenner, He has almost 2 years of experience in public accounting working for a Big 4 firm, with a focus on Travel, Hospitality and Leisure clients, with experience working with Food & Beverage, Entertainment, and Retail. His primary client base now is small business construction.

Adam has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Accounting and a minor in Economics from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Additionally, he is a 14 year veteran of the Army National Guard and the USMC. For more details about Adam’s military experience read his history here.

We have partnered with Quickbooks as a ProAdvisor, Tsheets Certified Pro, Expensify as a Bronze Partner, Bill.com and Freshbooks as a Certified Expert, and Hubdoc as a Certified Advanced Partner. Currently, we are expanding our partnerships to other world class accounting service providers. We do this because no two clients are the same, and we want to make sure that we have the expertise needed to best serve our clients.


What is Wilson Lake?

Pretty good question, why would we name an accounting firm after an obscure lake in northern Wisconsin? It is where Adam, our founder, spent holidays growing up. The kind of place where family got together and were able to spend meaningful time with one another.

Now, it is a reminder.

We didn’t start our business to work, if we wanted to do that we would have gotten a normal job. We did it for the same reason other business owners started their business. To take control of their professional career and to be the masters of their lifestyle. You don’t have to ask your boss if you can leave early on Friday to take the kids fishing when you are the boss.


We recognize that, and to show our commitment to supporting business owners and leaders that our goal focus is to allow them to focus on what is most important. Living the rest of their lives. That isn’t possible when they are buried in the minutia of their business or worried about the health of their business. That is what we provide, those services and support.

We believe in, “Getting you back to what matters.”


Want to learn how we can help you get back to what matters? Click the calendar to schedule a call.